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We are constantly improving our VPN software system to give our VPN users the best experience. Meet all the functions of use without limitation. It also focuses on the security and privacy that every customer receives after using our service.

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Private VPN

Optimized for a VPN that can be used privately and More secure with Private VPN. Perfect for those who want to use a VPN for the ultimate in privacy. The team will create a Server for 1 user per 1 Server. Of course, no user can use it except you, and most importantly, Persec protects the data and security of all users around the world.


VPN for Business

Another service for companies or organizations that want to build a VPN for mass use. Support from 10 - 100 users or more devices. So that your employees can use VPN safely within the organization and can use VPN more comfortably with our Client. Whether it is for internal use that requires access to devices that come into use or outside the company, such as domestic and foreign use, remote data access (WFH), distributed to partners or your customers, etc.